Randomize playlists in winamp

I have for a long time searched for the possibility of randomize existing playlists in winamp, without having to do anything myselve.
The reason for this is that winamp is on my mediacenter and I use my ipod touch as remote for my music. I rarely enters my mediacenter with keyboard and mouse, only remote and ipod touch.
I could not find anything free that could meet my needs, so I wrote a small program in C# which requires an existing playlist-name and a folder (where musicfiles that should play in random order, are) as parameters.
It is called like this:

randomPlaylist.exe playlistname path-to-music

I’ve then created a little batch file which first closes winamp using Pskill (winamp must be closed in order to modify existing playlists), call my program the with the desired playlists and then reopens winamp.

Download randomPlaylist.exe here

It is written in .NET3.5 and tested on windows Xp and Windows 7 with winamp 5.57.

My batch-file looks like this:
pskill winamp.exe
randomPlaylist.exe Blandet D:\Musik\Albums
randomPlaylist.exe Julemusik D:\musik\Julemusik
start /d /min "C:\Program Files\Winamp\" winamp.exe

There may be others with similar needs, which is why I share program here. Comments are welcome!


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